unobtrusive CMS framework that integrates within your application

Getting started with soupCMS


Setup your blog site using soupCMSInstall soupcms command line gemgem install soupcms-cliRun `soupcms new` command to generate skeleton for the blogsoupcms new Read More

Deploying soupCMS website to Heroku


Create NEW application on [Heroku]( [Heroku toolbelt]( to get startedgit initgit addgit commit -m 'initial commitheroku apps:create Read More

How to with soupCMS Markdown?


How to add YouTube videoTake the embed code directly from YouTube website and paste in markdown file with additional parameter like followingscript src=""> Read More

CMS usage pattern, which one fits yours need?


Identifying what is expected out of CMS is most important factor before choosing or building the CMS. Here I describe 3 fundamental types of CMS need and help you with the criteria while deciding CMS.

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Why another CMS?


Here is why I decided to build my own light-weight CMS. This also can help others what should be criteria should be considered while choosing CMS.

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