Create NEW application on Heroku

install Heroku toolbelt to get started

$ git init
$ git add .
$ git commit -m 'initial commit'
$ heroku apps:create <heroku-app-name>

read more here

Create mongoDB database on MongoLab

$ heroku addons:add mongolab

above command adds mongodb addon from MongoLab to your heroku application.

Deploy application to Heroku

repeat this command for every deployment

$ git push heroku master

read more here

Run soupcms seed command to import data

repeat this command for every deployment

$ heroku run bundle exec soupcms seed <app-name> -c

clean option -c does database clean and insert, important while soupCMS is in under heavy development, until v1.0 is release.

Enable Google Analytics

to your blog site by just adding couple of Heroku configs.

$ heroku config:set google_analytics_application_name_<app-name>=<google-analytics-account-name>
$ heroku config:set google_analytics_tracking_id_<app-name>=<google-analytics-tracking-id>

In below GA example,

  1. is the google-analytics-account-name
  2. UA-12345678-1 is the google-analytics-tracking-id

Enable Disqus Commenting

to your blog site by just adding a Heroku configs.

$ heroku config:set disqus_shortname_<app-name>=<disqus-shortname>